Swire Properties: ArtisTree

Digital content bringing art to the Taikoo Place community

Making art accessible

In 2017, Swire Properties launched a new iteration of their arts venue, ArtisTree. They appointed us to create content to raise awareness about this state-of-the-art event space in the heart of Taikoo Place. Our objectives were to raise the profile of the venue for both tenant and general Hong Kong audiences, to bring them in for shows staged in the space, and build ArtisTree’s brand authority in the world of arts. In addition, we were tasked with showing how ArtisTree plays a key role in Swire Properties’ placemaking initiative, in providing accessible, innovative cultural experiences in Taikoo Place.

Putting art everywhere

Over the years working with ArtisTree, we have adopted a multi-channel approach, creating content across print, web, social and eDMs. Our content also reflects various streams: supporting shows and initiatives at ArtisTree, and overall brand building in the arts.
Like an online magazine, we create multiple stories each month that speak to shows at ArtisTree and the wider world of the arts. We create monthly eDMs to distribute the stories to the Taikoo Place community and with art lovers across Hong Kong. And we also curate their Facebook and Instagram pages to engage with the audience in social.

Storytelling on all channels

We have continued to add to the ArtisTree content mix over the past three years, which include videos, interviews with visiting talent, and programme press releases. Each of our content channels is used for a specific reason: features are to educate, Instagram is to inspire, while Facebook is to promote up-coming shows and exhibitions. Our eDM is the culmination of all of these elements.
And across all these channels, we have sought to make the content as accessible as possible – taking sometimes complex art concepts and making it something that everyone can understand, through our storytelling and tone of voice.


‘Cedar have been our trusted content partner for a number of years now. This year, they’ve gone above and beyond, and we’ve partnered with them on new projects and new types of content, which has been very exciting. Cedar have hosted panel discussions for us, led content initiatives around some new campaigns, and have always looked for the most creative solutions to meet our needs.’

Babby Fung, Head of Office Marketing, Swire Properties