Hong Kong Jockey Club: badges

A premium print experience for Hong Kong's most exclusive club

Celebrating the spirit of racing

We were tasked with relaunching badges, the monthly magazine for the members of The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC).

The client wanted to celebrate the spirit of the club and its 135-year legacy in Hong Kong’s community, while also promoting the sport of racing and highlighting the club's charitable endeavours and the benefits of being a member.

From directory to luxe experience

We reenvisaged badges from the ground up, transforming it from a functional members' directory into a luxury lifestyle magazine – a prestigious, contemporary publication that reflects the club and its members' standing in Hong Kong society.

We also split the formerly bilingual publication into separate English and Chinese editions, allowing us to produce two magazines with a distinctly premium feel.

A new artistic approach

Our new design philosophy had one core objective: to capture the energy and excitement of racing at every turn.

A cornerstone of this approach was the Vibrant Art Collection. We moved away from marketing-led visuals on our covers and instead commissioned a series of illustrations – a tribute to the spirit of racing. 

We also overhauled the approach to photography, conducting regular on-site photoshoots – both to promote the HKJC's unique offerings, and also to capture warm, engaged faces at some of Hong Kong's most exclusive events.